Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use Google Analytics Events instead of Custom Variables?

Custom data can be added to GA either by generating events or by setting custom variables. Custom variables complicate the implementation as only 5 variables of 64 bytes each are available, and some may already be reserved for other purposes. This storage limit means some of the multitouch history may have to be discarded.

Events also have limitations in that GA has a usage limit of 500 events per session. Thus there is a small chance that on a very high page-views-per-session site some users will exceed 500 events per session and the multitouch event will be lost. Whilst this may cause a small number of transactions to be lost to the multitouch reporting, it should not affect the statistics - whereas using custom variables of limited storage may result in a statistical bias against touches that occur early in the cycle.

Does using events have any side effects?

For all practical purposes, no.

According to Google Analytics documentation,

if you implement Event Tracking for your site, you might notice a change in bounce rate metrics for those pages where Event Tracking is present.

(see Bounce Rate Impact in the Google Analytics Event Tracking Guide).

The only point where Multitouch Analytics generates a Google Analytics event is on the purchase confirmation page (when it fires multitouchsendevent()), which is not a landing page, so bounce rate is not a relevant metric for that page and therefore there is no practical impact of using events in this case.