Channel Overlap Report

Do you have a multitouch attribution problem? The Channel Overlap report answers that question for you, showing the number of transactions touched by 1 channel, 2 channels, and so on, and showing the number of transactions touched by any combination of channels.

All-Touch Report

Each channel's individual (3rd party) tracking claims every transaction it touches as its own. The All-Touch report is your point of reconciliation. Attributing the full transaction and revenue to each channel, these numbers should align with your 3rd party tracking numbers.

Even-Touch Report

Not sure how to attribute transactions between channels fairly? The Even Touch report is a starting point. It gives every channel an even share of every transaction to which the channel contributes.

Distributed-Touch Report

Perhaps an even share is too fair. Shouldn't channels that play a greater role be given more weight? The Distributed Touch report apportions transactions and revenue according to the number of touches that each channel contributed. (Hmmm... but did the channel with more touches have a greater contribution, or is it a less efficient channel? These reports don't necessarily give all the answers, but they do add insight!)

First-Touch Report

One school of thought is that the channel that provided the first introduction to your site is the more important. The First Touch report will tell you this...

Last-Touch Report

... but traditional analytics approaches have largely been based on last touch, so now you can compare the First Touch and Last Touch reports to see which channels work best at which end of the sales process.

Fifty-Fifty Report

Like both first touch and last touch, but can't decide? The Fifty-Fifty report combines the two, attributing 50% of transactions and revenue to the first touch channel and 50% to the last touch channel.

Transaction Distribution Report

How many touches does it typically take before a transaction? And how does that compare between channels? The Transaction Distribution report provides the details.

More Detail?

Multitouch Analytics will also provide a transaction by transaction report of all the channels touched by each, and a transaction by transaction report of the touches in chronological order. That's a lot of data!